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1. We all are all housing some kind of multi-act circus under one tent, with many performers and costumes. A good reading will offer you language to identify your own particular motley crew in a way you can upgrade and integrate their skill, pluck, savvy and enjoyment.



2. A good reading and reader - will feed you back to yourself in ways that clarify, encourage, challenge, and elevate your disposition to living the best version of yourself.



3. A good astrology session will convey to you the numerous options for upgrading your view of any situation either in terms of increased possibility of action and perception, or for negotiating the inevitable challenges of life that all humans encounter.



4. Most of the world is running on empty - people inhabiting vehicles of body and mind, rushing to dodge the void of feeling useless, empty, insufficient or disempowered. Look at any belligerent leader and we will find such frantic movements under the surface.



A good reading and reader marinates us in gorgeous self -acceptance, and paves the way to moving towards the people and circumstances that nourish us.



5. A good reading, if asked for, can help us align our timing with that of the Cosmos. Young soul thinking is 'I can do - i can architect Fate by my willpower', or older souls can suffer the shadow side of feeling helpless in the drift of impersonal cosmic forces – a misplaced over-surrendering complex.



A good astrology reading strikes the balance between self-assertion and surrender.

The Cosmos is often happy to dance with us collaboratively according to the season;it goes well for us in cooperating with, rather than trying to manipulate Life.



6. A good reading, in addition to clarifying the direction of our best external circumstances, offers the larger arc of our soul's evolution - our spirit's deepest intent. The older the soul perspective, the more the latter will be of interest, though not necessarily at the expense of ordinary satisfactions and pursuits.



7. A good reading might well provoke and calm the spirit both. In either case – the impact will precipitate over time into constructive action and helpful thinking.



~ Will Sebrans