Venus + Saturn Libra
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Venus-Saturn Libra
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I started out as a child. 


From there, things evolved in a circuitous manner to where today I am at your service as your:  

Evolutionary Astrologer,

Human Design Enthusiast, 

Former Silicon Valley tycoon-lite,

'Duende' Coach,

Aspiring Master of Subversive Uplift


Classical & improvisatory guitarist,

Radio broadcaster, Table tennis addict,

Irrepressible aesthete & Beauty sleuth,  


Cosmic decipherer 


a lover of golden retrievers, figs, ridge-walking, great design, conviviality, and Old World cafes with manners to match.



Credo: Take the 'high road to the bottom line'

professionally, commercially and personally.

3 of my favorite quotes, not my own, are:



"Henceforth, I seek not good fortune. I am myself good fortune! - Walt Whitman


"The antidote to exhaustion is not rest, but wholeheartedness." - David Stendl-Rast


"Language is a tailor's shop, where nothing fits." - Jelal-adin Rumi

Are you feeling already — curious, eager, excited, able, mortified, willing, or just mysteriously inclined to upgrade your Destiny?


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