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I started out as a child. 

From there, things evolved in a circuitous manner to where today I am at your service... your personal  Merlin, Mentor, Muse, and Liberator

Dane Rudhyar

"When you don't follow your nature, there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be."

—Dane Rudhyar

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The perspectives & tools I bring to your uprising include:


  • Astrology (modern & traditional horary)

  • Human Design

  • Gene Keys 

  • Enneagram,

  • the Gurdjieff Work 

  • Byron Katie Work

  • Julia Cameron's Artist Way the integration of 10000 grand and subtle experiments,

successes, & failures there's no time or room for here.



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"I'm not doing charts and personal consultations these days. In addition to writing my weekly column, daily horoscopes, and expanded audio horoscopes, I'm also working on a CD and hatching several new books."

"But I can recommend a colleague whose ethical and spiritual values resonate with my own. He's William Sebrans."

 Rob Brezsny — 

author of the weekly column Free Will Astrology

and the book "Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia"

Rob Brezsny

"Theory of Celestial Influence"
—Rodney Collin

rodney collin - theory of celestial influence

My Basic Tropical ASTRO stats:

  • Virgo Sun trine Taurus Jupiter (encouraging, thorough, upbeat)

  • Cancer Moon  (empathetic, intuitive)

  • Leo Ascendant (creative, expressive, fun)

  • Libra Venus/Saturn  (strictly sociable, fair)

  • Sag Mars square Virgo Mercury (edgy and forceful, as needed)

    (+ transpersonal outer planet influences still being decoded)

HUMAN DESIGN:  3/5 Emotional Manifestor 

ENNEAGRAM TYPE: 6-ish (but seem to circulate freely)

"My friend and astrologer, William, is a multifaceted transformational muse, driven to create clarity and completion in the most undone places."


"With a kind, non-judgmental, warm presence, his creative uplifting spirit makes him an invaluable counselor and welcome team player to almost any situation.

prajna ohara.jpg

Prajna O'Hara,

author The Edge of Grace,

healing retreat creator,  and non-dual facilitator



Credo: Take the high road to the bottom line...

              ...and walk the mystical path with practical feet.

Are you feeling already — eager, inspired, curious,  mortified, 

or just simply willing to be kind to your days and ways?



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