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* (applies to any archetypal system — Human Design, Enneagram, etc.)



"Show me the man who has forgotten to use language...
...I'd like to have a word with him."    Chang Tzu














The reader will...



1. Be prepared:


The reader may ask prior to the session —what would be the favorable outcomes from your meeting and invite you to share your expectations.



2. Be broad and unformulaic:

The reading and reader will honor both you and the craft by staying clear of formulaic jargon and by sharing the multiple potentials in every configuration and situation. The reader will not sound as if reciting from a text or teaching a language you have not paid to learn.



3. Be relational:

The reader may check in with you to see how what is being shared resonates, or not.



4. Own it:


While being flexible to variable interpretations, a good reader will take a stand when appropriate —with inspired certainty. 


If you have a potentially challenging transit — it will be gently referred to as such. Or if your natal chart shows considerable creative gifts, for example, and your work and life do not reflect those potentials, that will be good-naturedly called into question. 



5. Be a learner and constructive doubter:


Your reader will always be a learner — a beginner,  willing to hear how your unique disposition reflects nuances he or she had not considered in a first examination of the chart. 


On their own time, the Astrologer or Human Design analyst remains a beginner as well by deepening with colleagues, texts, observations, new approaches, and constructive challenges to their knowing; they are humbled by unknowns, exceptions, and the requirements of mastery.



6. Be relaxing:


A good reader and reading will create the best and most agreeable conditions for receiving and learning; for example, the session may require a short pause in the middle to refresh and will allow for it, whatever serves to facilitate the best experience. He or she is in the moment.



7. Be an ally:


A good, impactful reader embodies the spirit of a committed ally who is called to serve, and will likely be experienced as such if you up as a willing, open-minded client.


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