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I offer interactive recorded sessions integrating Astrology, Human Design, The Gene Keys, & the Gurdjieffian Enneagram -- for anyone who is interested in evoking the best version of themselves and the moment they currently inhabit.


Further, I offer follow-on the Duende*Coaching Activation series,  tailored to you,  that takes the insights and revelations to the street in real-time in alignment with your needs, current challenges, and aspirations. This is great for astrology students, as well.


My perspective is evolutionary where I see life as a continuum of possibilities, rather than as mechanically-predicted courses of events...

individual sessions

The foundational sessions for astrology and the Human Design System are available by Zoom, phone, or in-person and last about 100 minutes, plus a short break in the middle to integrate, and I ask $195. I spend about 30-40 minutes preparing for the session which includes evoking your responses in advance to what would be hoped for outcomes from the time spent.

I also offer transit updates, relationship readings, specialized children profiles described in the Menu of Services.

duende coaching& aCTIVATION SERIES

The knowledge and insights gained in a reading/consultation are powerful and potentially life-altering.
That said, there can exist in ...

individual sessions


Astrological Foundational reading/consult 

100 minutes  — $195.


**This reading is the most requested and essential.


We cover the major planetary influences in the natal chart, as seen from
the various ways they can manifest, — from the densest and most challenging

up to the most gifted and evolved expressions. Here, you receive a distinct map of your

inner and outer MO in all their exalted and shadowy potentials.


If there are key transits occurring during the season of the reading, they are referred to when appropriate. The session is interactive and unfolds according to what is of most interest to you and what I sense is most important.


  • Relationship reading 
    2 hours — $295.
Examines the natural interplay of tendencies between two people - their mutual support, challenges, and possibilities.
These ranges take on a more elevated form when there is an evolutionary imperative within both parties,  which is not always the case.

Relationship readings may apply to intimate relationships, or also in a work situation,  between parents and children or other family members.
  • Astrological transit update
    75 minutes  — $145

    Highlights major transits for the coming specified period, usually one year. I consider 'secondary progressions' and 'solar arcs' as part of the transit picture.

    Unless you are quite seasoned in reading your own chart, I recommend the        Foundational Reading which will slant to consideration of transits while also grounding you in my particular perspective.

  • Human Design Foundational Reading/Consult 
    100 minutes  — $195.

    Focuses on true “mechanics” vs. conditioning patterns.   Integrated with Gurdjieffian Enneagram...Select Carpe Diem! next to the Astrological Foundation reading at the top.


Special Astrological Profile for your Child

aged 1 day to 18 years — $345.


For parents or the precocious child. As well, a perfect gift from grandparents, relatives and loyal friends.


The profiles are handcrafted and thorough, with compelling, artful images. They are rendered in jargon-free English and cliche-free perspectives. 1800 - 2200 words.

Custom Payment 

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...brings on home the insights, revelations, and aha's from the reading.

Otherwise, they can go in one ear and out the other...or get ...

What  Duende* Coaching can mean for you ...

The coaching/mentoring relationship is designed to evoke the best version of yourself and life.
Astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, and ...

* The word "Duende" is borrowed from Spanish Poet Garcia Lorca's unique re-imagining of the word, where 'Duende' refers to one's primal gift and personal magnetism that radiate out from standing in whom one is uniquely designed to be.

It is the compelling power of personal presence without artifact, apology, or interference. 



I like these.


Meeting 3 -5 times a week for 1-2 hours a day for 21 days. Variously referred to as “Deep Dive”, or  "Wide-Eyed Immersion”  or “No Angel Left Unmet” – you name your own program. Starting at $2400, we create together the structure and content of our engagement and come to an agreed upon value for it.


Can be renewed at an agreed on upon value. We draw in people resources, influences and methodologies as necessary or as inspired. In this approach – SUCCESS is the only option.

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