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OFFERING: I offer sessions integrating Astrology, Human Design & Gurdjieffian Enneagram for anyone who is interested in evoking the best version of themselves and the moment they currently inhabit.



PERSPECTIVE: My perspective is evolutionary where I see life as a continuum of possibilities, rather than as mechanically predicted courses of events. I assert that any planetary influence, sign and configuration has its most exalted version, its mundane every day expression, and its shadow expression – and that these different frequencies are more a question of evolved choice rather than dictated from without. This model is reflected in the Vedic teaching of the 3 Gunas: sattvic, rajasic, tamasic.



I am generally both a practical and an entertaining person, and I believe the session experience should be both enjoyable and relational, and its practical effect discernible. While Rumi's saying: "Language is a tailors' shop where nothing fits",  is a personal favorite,  -  I am equally devoted to the adroit use of language to consciously inform all aspects of our being and to elevate one's state.

SESSIONS: My foundational sessions last about 100 minutes with a short break in the middle to integrate, and I ask $195. I spend about 30 minutes preparing for the session which includes evoking your responses in advance to what would be hoped for outcomes from the time spent.


I do accommodate anyone who is sincere and will receive what they can gift back, should that fee not be workable. I encourage, for those who need and wish, follow on coaching/mentoring for integrating the new understandings and putting them into actionable form. For follow-on and more expanded offerings, see my Menu of Services.



DUENDE COACHING: The knowledge and insights gained in a reading are powerful and potentially life-altering. That said, there can exist in these affairs 'the workshop syndrome' - - a temporary buzz followed by back to business as before. I therefore heartily favor focused follow-on coaching to both access and embody your uniquely magical gift, and to apply it practically on the dance floor of life. Borrowing from the Spanish poet - Garcia Lorca, I call that your 'Duende'. For more, see my Menu of Services.



BACKGROUND: I spent 25 years in a Gurdjieffian community, with an emphasis on observing planetary influence and enneagram structures on personal mechanics that arise in consciousness. For 20 years I have practiced astrology and for 8 years the Human Design system, where I cross-fertilize between the two.


I owned a successful executive search firm in the bay area working with the engineer poets of Silicon Valley, was trained in Life Coaching during the mid-90's when the field was just beginning. I was a studio musician for a short time in Chicago, and remain an avid guitarist with decent classical and improvisatory chops. I love golden retrievers, raspberries, figs, old world cafes, good manners, and un-random acts of senseless beauty.

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