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Free introductory 20 minute astrological conversation highlighting the 3 most significant     things you will want to know about your celestial geometry beyond the usual SUN, ASCENDANT, MOON signs., or . . .


Free introductory 20 minute conversation sharing what Human Design is and how it can be useful to you.




My work involves a blending of various lenses and life experience. The menu below suggests each lens as separate. In reality, all readings and follow on sessions are informed by all the vantage points, so that Astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, and other profiling tools support, check and balance each other.


Astrological Foundational reading/conversation. 100 minutes, - $195.

This reading is the most popular and essential. We cover the major planetary influences in the natal chart, as seen from the variable ways they can manifest, from the densest and most challenging up to the most gifted and evolved.


If there are key transits, they are referred to. The session is interactive and unfolds according to what is of most interest to you and what I sense is most important.

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Astrological Profile Write-Up. $295. A thorough, hand-crafted and artful exploration of your key gifts, tendencies and challenges as seen through the Astrological and Human Design lenses. Approx 1000-1200 words. Clearly written,  specific to you, jargon and cliche-free, with some tasty visuals.

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Special Astrological Profile Write-up for your Child

aged 1 day to 18 years. $295,



Perfect gift from grandparents, relatives and loyal friends. Same as Astro-Profile Write-up above, but with special emphasis on the  uniquely sacred honor of highlighting the best possible destiny for the child. The profiles are hand crafted and thorough with compelling images; they are rendered in jargon-free English and  cliche-free perspectives.

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  • Astrological follow on transit update. 75 minutes, - $145. Highlights major transits for the coming specified period, usually one year. I consider 'secondary progression' and 'solar arc' as part of the transit picture

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Relationship reading. 110 minutes, - $245. Examines  the natural  interplay of tendencies between two people -- their mutual support, challenges and possibilities. These ranges take on a more elevated form when there is an evolutionary imperative within both parties which is not always the case. These readings may apply to intimate relationships or also in a work situation and between parents and children or other family members.
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  • Human Design Foundational reading/conversation.100 minutes, - $195. Focuses on true “mechanics” vs. conditioning patterns. Integrated with Gurdjieffian Enneagram

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Integrated Duende Coaching for embodying and practically applying the readings, 

whichs includes navigating any challenges and opportunities important to you.  


45 day package* - $950, including 6 phone sessions at 50 minutes, reasonable e-mailing, and between sessions be prepared for OtherWisely surprise interventions of warm uplift and laser focusing. (*45 days being the time it takes, give or take, for an action or thought habit to become rooted.)



  • Above 45 day package renewable is at - $795.




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What Duende* Coaching can mean for you:


The coaching mentoring relationship is designed to evoke the best version of oneself, as understood from the Astrological and Human Design lenses, and works in tandem with the unique Self-recognition elicited by the conversational field we co-create.


The repeated and focused review of your challenges and gifts in the context of your personally evolving goals and aspirations gives them internalized traction and a real road to travel on. Real goals are clarified and real goals are more likely to be actualized in collaboration than by going solo. The road travelled is also more agreeable that way for most people.


* The word 'Duende', is borrowed from Spanish Poet Garcia Lorca's unique re-imagining of the word, where 'Duende' refers to ones primal gift and personal magnetism radiating out from standing in who one is uniquely designed to be. It is the compelling power of personal presence without artifact, apology or interference. 



I like these.


Meeting 3 -5 times a week for 1-2 hours a day for 21 days. Variously referred to as “Deep Dive”, or  "Wide-Eyed Immersion”  or “No Angel Left Unmet” – you name your own program. Starting at $2400, we create together the structure and content of our engagement and come to an agreed upon value for it.


Can be renewed at an agreed on upon value. We draw in people resources, influences and methodologies as necessary or as inspired. In this approach – SUCCESS is the only option.

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Marketing, Presentation Writing.


Make your communications clear, engaging, fun, and motivating to their purpose. Includes: Marketing, Promotional materials, Resumes, Important letters. Consciously done with the end-receiver always in mind. Agreed upon price.


White Mafia Clean-up Service.


Question? Is there any task, interaction, bureaucratic system handling, business relationship handling or life enhancement possibility you have been putting off??? Let me help you personally "handle" it to completion. Price: we'll make a deal. Use Manifestor initiation power and the 22-12 channel of social grace in action to your advantage.





Expect always warm-spirited, respectful, and uncommonly creative infusions of intelligent GoodWill in our engagements. Expect always a big picture perspective in approaching even the smallest detail, and precision care in enabling the best big picture.


You are in my heart, mind, and field during and between our actual clock time in person, on phone or chat. You might want to expect small to large miracles to unfold according to both familiar and higher natural law.

Hearing the call???


Make your love offering above and/or contact this guy who will process your Destiny, pronto.

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